What I’m Gonna Do When I’m Making Millions

Office Space is one of my favorite movies of all time. I used to work at an office in a gray cubicle, so I know all about it. Actually, one day, our office held a “smash the copiers” party where they took a bunch of old copy machines outside and let everyone smash them with baseball bats. Good times…

Boy did I hate gray cubicle land though. And the place I worked at was Office Space to a “T.” We were able to find an employee in our building that fit the personality for just about every character in that movie. If we had decided to do an Office Space theme for Halloween, people probably would have mistaken our crew for the actual movie crew.

What am I doing now, you ask? Not working in gray cubicle hell, that’s for sure. I work from home now, doing lots of different things. Mostly just trying to stay alive, but my goal is to build up a lucrative residual income, somewhere in the millions-of-dollars-per-year range. And when I achieve that goal, there are a few things I’m planning to do. Just about all of them are atypical for someone with millions of dollars. Such as…

1. I will live in a normal-sized house. I will not buy a mansion. I plan to keep my family small – 2 or 3 kids, max. Why the hell would I want to live in a mansion with a couple of toddlers running around? They’re liable to get lost in a house that big. Not only that, there’s a lot more territory for them to destroy. I can see it now. Poop smeared on the walls over the drawing they just finished with the crayons I tried to hide from them the day before. They’re smiling at me with guilty eyes while our dog eats play dough off the stained carpet. Gross.

Seriously though, millionaires waste so much money on shit they don’t need. Pimping out cribs that are way too big for any normal-sized person to live in. The most pimping I’ll do is installing a concrete kitchen island that my husband will appreciate being able to cook for me on. 😉 (By the way, that link was a shout-out to my buddy Adam. He owns his own concrete biz and is awesome at what he does, so if you need a concrete countertop contractor, give him a call and tell him I sent you!)

2. I will travel the world. I’ve only been outside the U.S. twice. Sad, isn’t it? I want to spend at least a month in Europe. Fiji, Tahiti and Hawaii are also on my bucket list (though not necessarily in that order.) I’d also like to go to the Maldives and St. Lucia if time permits. And if I’m making millions, it will.

3. I will start a non-profit organization of some sort. Not sure what it’ll be yet, but I do have a goal to do something beneficial for those less-fortunate, especially homeless people in my city. And I don’t mean some bullshit non-profit that doesn’t really do anything. I want to make an actual difference in the world. Or at least in the city of Charlotte.

4. I will help someone else build their dream. If I succeed at building my own business and build the life of my dreams, the least I can do is help someone else do the same, right? I’m already on a mission to start doing that now, but it’s a little more difficult. People don’t trust you until after you make it. Until then, you don’t have much credibility. So I’m going to focus on me for now, but as soon as I get in a comfortable place where I’m really moving forward, I’ll help someone else do it too.

5. I will pay off my debt and take care of my parents. They did so much for me when I was younger, and I know that if they could, they’d pay off my debts for me. But unfortunately, they aren’t in the greatest financial situation right now, which is another reason why I’m trying to succeed at building my own business. I have lots of debt that I need to pay off, and once I’m stable again, my ‘rents will be taken care of, fo’ sho’.

The best part about becoming a millionaire will be never having to work for someone else again, especially in gray cubicle hell. I was pretty determined to get out of there. The next step is to make sure I never have to go back.

Wish me luck…

My Thoughts on the Double Mastectomy Trend

According to breastcancer.org, about 1 in 8 US women (about 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.

That’s a pretty staggering statistic, considering I run into at least 8 different people every day just by running errands. Is it gonna be me, or is it gonna be you?

Hmm… I don’t know. But I have an idea! How about I go cut off both boobs and get new fake ones, just in case? You know, ’cause my chances of getting cancer are pretty good. It runs in my family. My grandmother’s sister’s aunt’s cousin had it and she died at age 42.

Angelina Jolie did it. So it must be cool, right?

Um… no thank you.

Seriously people? What the hell is this world coming to??? We’re now cutting off our breasts on the off chance that we might develop cancer because according to my search on Ancestry.com, one of my relatives from 1856 died from it. It has literally become trendy to get a double mastectomy for pretty much no reason at all.

We’re talking about major plastic surgery here. That shit ain’t no joke. We’re talking about losing a major erogenous zone for many women. We’re talking about losing something that enables us to sustain the life of a newborn baby, all on the off chance that maybe, just maybe, I could die of cancer?

By the way, did you know that breastfeeding lowers your risk of developing breast cancer significantly, especially for women who do it for at least one year?

Alternative remedies? Lifestyle changes? Prevention through diet, exercise and herbal supplements? Pfft. Why would I try that when I can just cut off my boobs and be done with it?!

Is this really how women are thinking in our day and age? Unfortunately, yes. And I find it sad, sick, and downright disgusting.

Bash me all you want for writing this post. But seriously, there are much better ways to prevent becoming another statistic like the one above.

And, if you were to develop cancer, what the hell ever happened to kicking its ass? What the hell ever happened to the idea that we are strong enough to kick cancer to the curb? That we can beat it if we catch it early enough and if we at least try? If you’re so fucking scared, then just go get a goddamn mammogram once a year – or hell, 4 times a year if you’re that fearful – and make sure you catch that shit early before it spreads.

I get it. No one likes to go through chemo. I personally know breast cancer survivors who have gone through it, and it is hell. You lose your hair. You feel like shit. You’re tired all the time. You’re sick all the time. Pile all that on top of the fact that you might die after it’s over anyway, and the thought of going through chemo sounds like a really stupid idea. But does that mean cutting off your boobs just so you won’t have to go through it is suddenly a really good idea?

Somehow, as sad as it is, many of you are reading this and saying yes! And if that’s you, can I just shake you for a minute?

You don’t have cancer yet! And you might not even get it! Your chances of getting it, according to the statistic above are pretty high, but so are your chances of getting any other type of cancer. What’s next – are we just gonna start killing ourselves to avoid getting sick?

Don’t answer that.

Bottom line, if you’re seriously thinking about cutting off your boobs, at least consider that the real reason for doing so is that you want bigger fake ones, okay?

Pixie Me Rollin…


I started growing out my pixie cut after having a baby one year ago. 3 months in, I thought I’d be funny and start a social networking support group for girls with short hair. It blew up pretty fast, so now I’m entertaining the thought of building a blog that will serve as a resource for girls with pixie cuts who are looking for style tips, grow-out tips, product recommendations, etc.

I threw around a couple of domain names. Hubs suggested “pixiemerollin.com.” It’s not the one I went with, but the more I say it, it does have a nice ring to it. Right?

Pixie Me Rollin’. Maybe when I get famous, I’ll chop off my hair again, buy that domain, and use it as my personal brand website.

All my fans can pixie me rollin’ in a chauffeured black car. We’ll travel the country doing charity concerts. We’ll rent a hotel room and buy dinner for the homeless guy who’s begging on the corner outside the venue. We’ll talk to him about his hopes and dreams and figure out a way to help him get back on his feet.

It’s one person, but that person is significant. His life matters. Everyone’s life matters. He should experience joy and peace and grace, not because he deserves it (none of us do), but because his creator wants to give him that. We’ll share that good news and help him put together a plan and budget that’ll take him from street to sleek in one year or less.

Those are the kinds of things I dream about. I bet Tupac dreamed about stuff like that too. Just sayin’ ;).

I’m not on the streets, but I did recently move back in with the rents so I could save money and build my dreams. Hubs and I gave ourselves one year to do it. And believe it or not, this blog is one of the tools we’re using to help us get there.

It’ll be fun to look back at this post one year from now and compare where we are at that point to where we were when I wrote it. Until then… just pixie me rollin…

Welcome To My Blog…

Popsquire got napped. I bought this domain because I really liked the name. Not sure what this site used to be about our who owned it, but as an independent artist who enjoys living vicariously through pop stars (not really), this seemed like the perfect fit.

I got dreams, yo. I got goals I’m tryin to meet in the next year so I can live like a celebrity. Honestly, I never much cared for pop culture. I think the music industry today pretty much sucks. Most of the people who have achieved super-fame status are terrible at their craft. But it goes to show that money matters. You gotta have it to survive. You gotta have it to get around. You gotta have it to be of major influence in this world. And if I have a goal to change the world, I gotta get rich first to do it.

In the meantime, this will be my place to dream. I’ll share all the stories in my head. Stories about the charities I’ve started (or will start). Stories about the people I’ve met (or will meet). Stories about how I’m gonna use my cash to make music and art that speaks into people’s lives and inspires them to change their situation for the better instead of rambling on about hittin’ the club.

If you’re a dreamer like me, then I’d like to invite you to join the popsquire internet revolution. Start your own blog. Write your own thoughts down. Share your stories with the world and together, let’s make a true change. Not the hypothetical change Obama was talkin’ about 7 years ago (obviously). But the kind of change we can see with our eyes, hear with our ears, touch with our hands and – most importantly – sense in our hearts.

More to come soon…